Immigration control and HIV status privacy in Taiwan

  • Can I come to Taiwan if I'm HIV positive?
    • YES
    • The HIV travel ban for foreigners with HIV had been lifted on Feb 2015. No HIV testing should be requested for any visa application such as work permit or residence permit. 
    • HIV status does not stop you from entering to Taiwan in all situations.

  • Do I need to be tested for HIV if I
    • plan to work/study in Taiwan
    • am working/studying in Taiwan
    • apply for ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) in Taiwan 
      • NO. None of above should require you to be tested for HIV.
      • That is to say, no one can make a claim for your test result.
      • Please report to us if your employer/school asks for such test.
  • Do I need to disclose my HIV status if I apply my job/school through an agency?
    • ​NO. You don't have to disclose your HIV status.
  • It is recommended to double check the physical examination you are asked to undergo. Some companies/schools/institutions might still use the outdated version which includes HIV testing.

Working in Taiwan as people living with HIV

  • Taiwan has removed HIV testing from the medical examination for foreigners in 2015, and Employment Service Act also stops employers from requesting such information.
  • You can check the required items for health certificate in the attachment on Taiwan CDC website. English/Vietnamese/Thai/Indonesian languages are available.

  • Do I need to inform people at my workplace/school if I am HIV positive?
    • NO. There is not regulation requesting an individual to inform company/school of one's HIV status.
    • Please be noted that medical information is confidential in Taiwan, it shouldn't be known by other people unless you agreed to share, only healthcare providers are exceptional.
  • Do I have to inform my agency if I test HIV positive in Taiwan?
    • NO. There is no regulation requesting an individual to inform the agency of one's HIV status. It is up to you whether to discuss your diagnosis with your agency or not.