Treatment policy

  • Can I bring my HIV medicine to Taiwan?
    • YES
    • You can bring your medication, and please also bring the prescription with you. 
    • 6 months are the maximum you can bring with you for one time.
  • Below are our recommendations:
    • Bring 1 or 2-week amounts with you in hand carry belongings.
    • Put the rest of bottles in the check-in luggage.

  • Where can I find hospitals that provide HIV treatment and related services?
  • Can I receive HIV treatment in Taiwan?
  • Only if you meet below criteria:
    • NO.1: You have to be tested HIV positive in Taiwan and the case will be reported to Taiwan CDC for epidemiological purpose.
    • NO.2: You need to have a record of purchasing HIV medication in Taiwan. (Minimm 1 tablet)
    • NO.3: 2 years after your first HIV medication purchase record, you will be eligible to use National Health Insurance for your HIV treatment and related services.

  • Note 1 : You have to come up with your own means to maintain your HIV treatment during these 2 years waiting period.
  • Note 2 : If you are hospitalized due to HIV in these 2 years, National Health Insurance cannot reimburse you with HIV-related services.
  • What will happen if I am tested HIV positive and my case is reported to CDC?
    • Would my company/school know about my status?
      • NO.
    • Would authority be looking for me at my home, workplace or school?
      • NO.
      • They usually reach out directly to you if necessary, so make sure your leave the available contact information.

How can I maintain my HIV treatment?