In Taiwan, Persons with HIV/AIDS Rights Advocacy Association of Taiwan (PRAA) is the first non-profit, self-help organization set up by/for PWA/HIV, with their relatives, friends, and some caring people in society.

We assist PWA/HIV and their family with striving for the basic human rights, such as residence, working, education, and medical care which should be equally offered.  We sincerely hope PWA/HIV can live a normal life, and that our society can be a PWA/HIV-friendly environment without prejudice and discrimination.We also help with the improvement of AIDS treatment and the prevention of the disease as well.

What we do:

1. Direct Services:

  1.1. telephone counseling and website bulletin board maintenance;
  1.2. outreach services;
  1.3. support and empowerment group for PWHAs;
  1.4. providing services for cases whose rights are infringed, in respect of medical care, work, privacy, military services; prisoners and foreigners are also included.

2. Equal Rights Advocacy and Government Policy Monitoring:

  Since HAART therapies were covered by NHI, in some way the PWAH in Taiwan have been restricted by the NHI, losing their power to struggle for own rights. Therefore, we hope to empower PWAHs through the works below:

  2.1. Advocating the concept of equal right for PWAHs, and educating the public
    2.1.1. AIDS education: about 50 addressed each year.
    2.1.2. taking advantage of the media: publishing the annual observation of news impeding right of PWHAs. publishing the Annual PWAHs’ Right Report.

    2.2.To decriminalize PWAHs:
     2.2.1. to push amendments of AIDS law.
     2.2.2. condemning social hate speeches.

   2.3. Examination of Government AIDS Policy:
     2.3.1. PWAHs’ right to medical care;
     2.3.2. PWAHs’ right to work;
     2.3.3. PWAHs’ right to privacy;
     2.3.4. PWAHs’ right to move;
     2.3.5. PWAHs’ right to education;
     2.3.6. PWAHs’ right to sex.