Will my HIV-related medical information be kept confidential?

  • In Taiwan, personal medical information will be uploaded to National Health Insurance (NHI) Cloud Database when you access medical services with NHI. Hence, healthcare providers may learn your HIV status from your medical history in the Cloud Database.
  • However, healthcare providers are obligated by law to keep your HIV-related medical information confidential.

  • Reference: Competent authorities, medical institutions, medical personnel and other persons who are in possession of information such as names and medical records of the infected through their business, except by the regulations of laws or for the needs of transmission prevention and medical care, shall not release such information (Article 14, HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act)

Do I need to disclose my HIV status when accessing medical services in Taiwan?

  • It is required by law that people living with HIV have the obligations to inform healthcare providers of their HIV status; however, it does not apply to sitituations where one's privicay is not protected.
  • Also healthcare providers shall not discriminate or refuse to provide medical services after learning about one's HIV status. Please report to us if such event happens to you.

  • Reference: The infected have the obligations to provide information regarding the sources of infection or contacts; when under medical care, they shall inform the medical personnel that they have been infected with HIV. The preceding provision does not apply to emergency situations or when the infected is in an environment where his/her privacy is not protected. (Article 12, HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act)

    After the infected provide with the fact of their infection, medical institutions and medical personnel shall not refuse to provide medical services. (Article 12, HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act)